Data Recovery in Indianapolis

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201 N. Illinois Street #1600-3214 South Tower
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Phone: (317) 759-7530
Toll Free: (888) 288-3282
Fax: (303) 770-3285

8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
24/7 Emergency Service Available

We recover data from all devices

We are a team of hard drive, SSD, and RAID data recovery engineers helping individuals and businesses in Indianapolis recover data from their failed storage devices. DataTech Labs can help you retrieve your data from failed or damaged hard drives, laptops, flash drives, RAIDs, solid-state drives, servers, databases, and more.

Our data recovery laboratory boasts of 96% success rate across all devices. We have world-class tools like proprietary imaging machines and a class 100 ISO 5 certified cleanroom to help you get back your data even from the most complex storage device. We offer free device evaluations, a transparent pricing system, and a “no-data-no-fee” policy.

We have an office in Indianapolis where you can drop off your data for a free evaluation. Once done, our engineers will let you know how much of your data we can recover and get you a quote for the service. No matter the cause of your data loss, we’ll get your data back to you in the shortest time possible. Contact us now to get started!

We are specialists in hard drive data recovery

Many home users, businesses, and government agencies with failed storage devices rely on our hard drive data recovery services to reconnect with their precious data. Our unrivaled 96% success rate across all brands, models, and sizes of hard drives has earned us a reputation as the best hard drive data recovery company in Indianapolis. Get in touch now! We’ll be happy to help you remedy your data loss situation.

World-class raid data recovery services

We offer RAID data recovery solutions for organizations having data loss issues on their RAIDs. Whether your RAID failure was caused by exposure to flood or water, power outages, or disk failure, we can help you recover your valuable files. Over the years, our RAID data recovery team has developed virtual reconstruction methods and imaging machines specifically for retrieving data from RAID sets. When you work with our team, you can be sure that you will get your data back quickly. Contact us now!

Trusted SSD data recovery services in Indianapolis

Our SSD data recovery engineers have helped thousands of clients recover their data successfully from failed or damaged SSDs, HDDs, SSHDs, flash drives, and more. We have worked on solid-state drives from almost all manufacturers, including SSDs from Micron, Seagate, Intel, Western Digital, and more. Call us now! We can help you recover your data too.

Get a quote from our experts now!

Need to recover data fast from a failed storage device? Email us at or talk directly to one of case managers on the phone by calling (317) 759-7530. You can also submit a case on our website. We’ll get back to you ASAP on how we can help you retrieve your precious data.