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Remote RAID Recovery

Data Recovery Performed Virtually

DataTech Labs® offers a unique opportunity to perform Remote RAID recovery with our proprietary secure remote protocol. This cost effective, secure, and successful RAID recovery service can be done on a worldwide basis. These advantages save you time and money through using our professional RAID engineers on a virtual capacity. DataTech Labs offers you the best RAID recovery engineers in the world, right in your facilities. After discussing with your IT professional about your data recovery needs, we can set up the remote connection to either the existing RAID or a computer with the original RAID drives hooked up. Please consult with our senior RAID engineers for the best option available to you.

When Should You Ask for Remote RAID recovery?

If you need your RAID recovery is very time sensitive, asking for a remote RAID recovery could be your best option. Other circumstances include:

  • Your RAID is functional but has logical corruption
  • There are a large number of drives in your business or enterprise array and disassembling would be complicated
  • You have a NAS or SAN that still functioning and dissembling would be impossible
  • You have a time sensitive recovery and the data must remain secure in your location
  • You need someone to evaluate the cause of data loss and discuss options for recovery
data recovery remotely

Benefits for Remote RAID recovery?

This process is extremely secure with high success rates for those time sensitive projects. RAID drives will never leave your site and the data will never travel through the internet to our lab. Give us access through your firewall and we can take it from there. We’ll keep you
informed throughout the project to insure a quick and successful recovery. Some advantages of remote RAID recovery include:

  • RAID repair is cost effective, secure and convenient for the enterprise
  • Time for recovery is shortened since there is no shipping or traveling required
  • Remote RAID recovery happens the second our engineers can connect to your RAID
  • “Write Blocker” applications remain intact and preserve original data during recovery
  • A senior engineer is available in real-time so your questions are immediately answered

Remote RAID Recovery Capabilities

We can work on the following configurations:

  • Virtual machines, servers, database systems
  • All operating systems
  • Linux and Unix file systems
  • Software RAID
  • NAS/SAN systems
  • Hardware RAID
  • External Hard Drives, memory cards, SD cards, tapes, hard drives
  • Many more

DataTech Labs Experience with Remote RAID Recovery

DataTech Labs boasts some of the highest success rates in the industry by employing the best RAID recovery engineers with years of success. DataTech Labs is familiar and successful with recovering data from all RAID devices and RAID configurations. Including RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, VMWare, ESX Servers and Hyper V.

Working with us on remote RAID recovery, we can promise:

  • We have one of the highest recovery rates in the industry
  • During remote connection, your data is safe from internet exposure by being in our encrypted portal
  • Our engineers have decades of RAID recovery experience including remote jobs
  • We offer competitive prices on all RAID recoveries
  • We put priority on business and enterprise recoveries that are time sensitive
  • Our case managers and engineers will work with you every step of the way

We have other options for RAID recovery including