Certified ISO 5 Class 100 Cleanroom

DataTech Labs® takes every step necessary to ensure the best possible chances of recovering data from your failed hard drive. It is imperative to the health of a hard drive that no contaminants get inside the case, as this can destroy data by causing physical media damage. We have a state-of-the-art ISO 5 Certified Class 100 Cleanroom in which all of our physical data recoveries take place.

A Cleanroom has a sophisticated filtration system that controls the level of airborne contaminants such as dust and other impurities. Hard drives are produced in a minimum of class 100, which is why we make sure to utilize the same standards when opening a hard drive to perform data recovery. A Class 100 Cleanroom ensures no more than 100 particles per cubic foot are in the air. A particle as small as a 0.5 micron can cause serious damage to the surface of hard drives. This can complicate recovery or limit the amount of data we can retrieve. We take precautions at DataTech Labs ® to ensure we have the cleanest and safest environment for all data recovery procedures. We use cleanroom approved tools and towels as well as act carefully when working on devices in the cleanroom.

On an annual basis, we certify our cleanroom in order to make sure we correctly follow cleaning and maintenance procedures in the data recovery industry.

Our data recovery engineers must wear proper clothing when working in our Cleanroom to ensure no skin or hair particles contaminate a customer’s hard drive. If your hard drive has suffered a physical failure rest assured that our expert Cleanroom engineers have the experience necessary to perform the most difficult recoveries.