Laptop Data Recovery Services

laptop failure data recoveryMost consumers have hundreds of critical and irreplaceable files, pictures, documents, and music stored on their laptop computer. A hard drive crash can happen at any time, and generally does at the worst possible time. If you have experienced a hard drive crash, DataTech Labs®’ professional staff can help recover documents from your failed laptop and get you back up and running quickly. We offer a variety of data recovery services to fit each customer’s individual needs.

Laptop computers are extremely convenient and portable, however, that can make them more susceptible to physical damage. DataTech Labs has the knowledge, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to recover data from any make or model laptop computer:

  • All causes of data loss – No matter what has happened to your laptop’s hard drive, the data recovery engineers at DataTech Labs have probably seen it before. From virus corruption, power surges, hurricanes, floods, and lightning strikes, we have the tools to evaluate and recover data thought to be lost.
  • All laptop computer makes and models – We have the capabilities to recover data from any type of failed desktop computer. No matter what brand or how old the computer is, our expert engineers can retrieve your data from its failed hard drive.

Signs a Laptop Hard Drive is Failing

  • Blue Screen of Death – If your laptop screen turns completely blue on start up or during operation, turn off the computer immediately and contact a data recovery professional.
  • Clicking or Other Sounds – If your computer is making clicking, grinding, or screeching sounds, this is an indication that your hard drive is very close to or has already failed.
  • Unresponsiveness – Every hard drive will fail, it is simply a matter of when; components in a hard drive begin to wear the first time the hard drive is used. If your laptop becomes increasingly slow, or continually locks up, this could be an indication that your hard drive is nearing the end of its life.
  • Physically Damaged Laptop Computer – If your laptop has been knocked over, or bumped and will not re-start, it is possible that the hard drive has suffered damage to one or more of its internal components.

If you have experienced a hard drive crash in your laptop computer or feel that your hard drive is failing, turn off your computer immediately and contact DataTech Labs for a FREE consultation. Our professional staff will help you understand the processes and procedures that we must go through in order to retrieve your irreplaceable data.