On-Site RAID Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Performed at Customer Location

For the extreme cases that require the utmost security and turnaround times, you might require a DataTech Labs® RAID engineer to travel to your facility. We are equipped and ready to deploy a RAID engineer, today. This will be done on a case by case basis, depending on the needs of our clients and the condition of the RAID. These options will be available and discussed on the initial call.

When should you ask for On-Site RAID Data Recovery?

If you have circumstances where data must remain on your site, for instance, because of security or government purposes, having DataTech Labs coming to your business or site would be your best option for recovery. Other examples that require On-Site RAID Data Recovery include:

  • The equipment is too complicated to disassemble, ship or rebuild
  • The failure impacts an entire enterprise database
  • There is strict security compliance for data management
  • IT staff is required to supervise the data at all times
  • All vendors are required to be on site during the failure
on site raid data recovery services

Benefits of On-Site RAID Data Recovery

Our RAID engineers have years of experience coming on-site to perform RAID Data Recoveries. Having the RAID in its original state, it saves the trouble of breaking down and shipping large enterprise databases and RAID array systems, and also lets the engineer examine the system as a whole to quickly find the problem associated with the RAID crash.

If you need an on-site RAID data recovery for your enterprise system, call us immediately and submit a case. We will help get your RAID and your company back up and running, FAST!

DataTech Labs Experience with On-Site RAID Data Recovery

Working with us, we promise:

  • We have decades of experience with RAID data recovery
  • We have one of the highest recovery rates in the industry
  • We take each case personally and work hard to meet all your data recovery needs
  • We make urgent and large enterprise cases with priority to ensure fast turnaround time for your company
  • We will work quickly and effectively with your team during our on-site RAID data recovery visit

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