JBOD Data Recovery Services

DataTech Labs® provides fast, professional JBOD (SPAN) data recovery services. Our expert recovery engineers will work around the clock to ensure that your critical data is retrieved as quickly as possible. We understand that each customer’s situation is unique, so we will analyze each hard drive in your JBOD (SPAN) array to determine the best recovery method for each of our clients.

JBOD Data Recovery Services

A JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks) is a simple concatenation or spanning of multiple physical disks. This distant relative of RAID is often used to combine several hard drives together to create one larger virtual hard drive. JBOD offers no redundancy and no performance advantages. Normally this type of setup is used when an after-market hard drive is added to an existing system to increase storage space. The available capacity of a JBOD is the sum of all disks. For example if a 35GB, a 60GB, and a 100GB drive were set up in a JBOD configuration, your available space would be 195GB of storage space.

What is JBOD Data Recovery?

JBOD (SPAN) is an acronym for just a bunch of disks/drives. Like a RAID array, JBOD make the multiple disks appear to be a single disk but do so by creating one large virtual drive. Unlike RAID, JBOD does not have any performance advantages and does not offer redundancy. JBOD’s individual disks have no structure either. Through LUN’s (logical unit numbers) JBODs can combine disks into larger logical volumes of data.

When a JBOD fails, the data is a little easier to recover than a RAID 0 because the data is stored on other drives. It is always important to still try to back up your data as often as possible to avoid emergency recovery. JBOD capacity is the sum of the disks.

Common Reasons for JBOD Data Loss

  • Disk failure
  • Corrupted files
  • Accidental deletion or formatting

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What to do if your JBOD Fails

It is important to contact DataTech Labs and work with an expert engineer in JBOD data recovery to understand the next steps to take without losing data or damaging the array any further.

Do not try to reinstate or continue to use your JBOD when you start encountering error or difficulty. Doing so could overwrite data and cause permanent data loss or complication in recovery

DataTech Labs Experience with JBOD Data Recovery

We have extensive experience in JBOD data recovery. Our engineers have the tools and technology to retrieve your data successfully and fast. Call us or submit a case today.

Working with us, we can assure you:

  •  We have one of the highest recovery rates in the industry
  • Our case managers work with you on a personalized level
  • We have emergency 24/7 service available
  • Our engineers are JBOD (SPAN) experienced
  • We offer competitive pricing in JBOD data recovery cases