To Those Devastated by Hurricane Harvey

We certainly hope your family, friends, or business has not been affected by the devastating storm, but if so please keep these tips in mind: DO NOT POWER on a device you suspect has liquid damage. Powering on a device … Continued

Phone Data Recovery

Due to recent developments in technology, DataTech Labs is gaining the experience and technology necessary to perform data recovery on the internal and external memory of phones. From Andriod to IPhone, our engineers have experience retrieving formatted, lost, deleted, or … Continued

Do Windows Recovery Disks Restore My Files and Information?

If you are a Windows user you are most likely familiar with seeing the “blue screen of death,” then Windows crashing. The “blue screen” indicates there is an error either with hardware or with software. To get your computer back … Continued

5 Steps to Protect Your Digital Camera and Pictures

Previously we talked about choosing a camera that will be reliable and how to handle it without losing any pictures. However, here are a few other preventative practices to help you never lose those cherished pictures. After recovering many lost … Continued

Common Mishandling of Digital Cameras

One of the most common ways pictures are lost on digital cameras is because of improper handling of the camera itself. This data can often times be recovered if you are interested in camera memory card recovery, but it is … Continued

5 Tips to Avoid Losing Your Student Work

Besides having organized files to help find the work you already have done because it allows you to view all of your work after it has built up on your computer and your flash drive. There are multiple ways to … Continued

Disguise your External Hard Drive Scholarship Winner

This year, we held a scholarship contest that challenged the creative minds of students from across the United States. The guidelines were to disguise an external hard drive so it would be less likely to get stolen from hard drive … Continued