RAID Data Recovery

RAIDRAID array equipment experiencing RAID Failure arrays and other enterprise server configurations can make RAID recovery much more complex. Our trained, certified RAID recovery services engineers can recover business-critical data from all configurations and types of arrays from any type of failure.

Why Datatech Labs®?

  • FAST Turnaround (within 72 hours)
  • Leading expert engineers in RAID Data Recovery Services
  • Consistently highest success rate in the industry
  • No Data, No Fee Policy
  • Expedited and 24/7 Emergency RAID Recovery Services Available
  • Data Recovery Priced on Complexity – Not Value
  • 2 Dedicated Laboratories
  • Class 100 Certified Clean Room
  • Honest and Transparent RAID Recovery Services Project Managers

Looking for more information on your RAID array? Check out our FAQs.

What to do After a RAID Failure

If you have experienced a RAID failure, do not try to re-instantiate (regenerate) your strip or rebuild the array. Anything that is done to the array from this point forward can greatly reduce our ability to recover data from the device. Trying what may seem intuitive can permanently destroy any chance to recover data from that failed RAID.

Contact us immediately to ensure a fast, successful recovery of your business’s essential data. We have RAID recovery services for all situations.

Man wearing a white shirt with hands held up to both sides of his head standing in front of RAID array equipment experiencing RAID Failure.


Database Data Recovery

  • SQL Server Database
  • Exchange Server Database
  • Sharepoint Database
  • Microsoft Visual
  • FOXPRO DBS Database
  • Corel Paradox Database
  • SAP Sybase Database
  • Oracle Database
  • MySQL Database
  • Filemaker Database
  • Custom Designed Database

Servers Data Recovery

  • Dell Server Recovery
  • Hp/Compaq Server Recovery
  • Buffalo Tera/Link Station Recovery
  • LaCie Data Recovery
  • Super Micro Data Recovery
  • NetGear Ready NAS Data Recovery
  • Western Digital myCloud Data Recovery
  • Seagate Business Storage Data Recovery
  • Synology NAS Server Data Recovery
  • Qnap Home and SOHO NAS Server Data Recovery
  • EMC Server Data Recovery
  • Drobo SAN Storage for Business Data Recovery
  • NAS/SAN Boxes Data Recovery

Virtual Machines

  • Microsoft VHD
  • VMwareVMDK
  • VMware HYPERV
  • Vmware ESX


DataTech Labs specializes in various RAID recovery services and solutions:

On-Site RAID Recovery Services

We understand certain situations demand unparalleled security and efficiency. Our exclusive on-site RAID recovery services are available for exceptional cases. Equipped with top-tier expertise and cutting-edge technology, our RAID engineers will travel to your facility to handle your unique data recovery requirements.

RAID 0 Data Recovery Services

DataTech Labs is your premier destination for swift, professional RAID 0 data recovery services. Our dedicated team of expert recovery engineers employs a meticulous RAID recovery services approach, analyzing each hard drive in your RAID 0 array to determine the most suitable recovery method tailored to your needs.

Data Recovery Raid 1 Services

We offer expert RAID 1 data recovery services. Some typical scenarios leading to RAID 1 data loss include accidental file deletion or formatting, software errors caused by file corruption, multiple hard drive failures, operating system malfunctions, and RAID rebuild process complications. Rest assured, with our team’s extensive expertise, cutting-edge technology, and the highest recovery success rate in the industry, we are well-equipped to handle these challenges and recover your valuable data.

RAID 3 Data Recovery Services

RAID 3 data loss can occur due to various typical scenarios, such as server registry configuration loss, intermittent drive failure leading to configuration corruption, and accidental replacement of media components.

Our skilled RAID 3 data recovery services technicians are well-versed in handling these challenges, armed with the expertise and cutting-edge technology necessary to recover your valuable data swiftly and efficiently.

RAID 5 Data Recovery Services

At DataTech Labs, we understand the critical nature of RAID 5 failures, which can lead to severe business disruptions. Our team of expert RAID 5 data recovery services engineers undergoes specialized training to effectively handle RAID 5 recoveries, irrespective of the manufacturer, controller, file system, parity type, or variant involved. We take pride in delivering optimal solutions, ensuring your data is in safe hands throughout the recovery process.

Reasons for RAID Failure

  • Multiple Drive Failures
  • RAID Controller Failure
  • Accidental Re-Formatting
  • Stripping Corruption
  • Formatted or Deleted Partitions
  • Fire or Flood Damage

If you’ve been to another RAID recovery services company and they have failed or you are unsatisfied with your results, contact us today. We can recover data from crashed arrays where other companies have failed. Call (956) 300-3282.

Three RAID devices stacked on top of each other after being analyzed for RAID failure

We support the following manufacturers, controllers, and arrays:

  • 3Ware
  • Addonics
  • Adaptec
  • Arco
  • ATTO Technology
  • Buffalo Technology
  • Belkin
  • Broadcom
  • BUSlink
  • Compaq
  • Cables Unlimited
  • Dell (PERC)
  • DPS Duplidisk
  • Escalade
  • HighPoint
  • Hewlett Packard
  • IBM
  • LSI Logic
  • Mylex
  • NEC
  • PowerEdge
  • Promise FastTrak
  • RAIDCore
  • SIIG
  • SUN
  • Sabrent
  • Snap Servers
  • Sonnet Technologies
  • StarTech
  • SuperMicro
  • Synology
  • Systemax
  • Tyan
  • VisionMan
  • XFX SyncRAID


Contact DataTech Labs today to learn more about our expert RAID recovery services. With a team of highly skilled engineers and a proven track record of success, we are here to swiftly and securely retrieve your critical data. Whether you are facing RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 3, RAID 5, or any other RAID configuration issues, our experts are well-equipped to handle all challenges.

DataTech Labs prides itself on outstanding customer experience. Our number one goal is to retrieve lost data with local support and data and file recovery experts ready to answer any of your questions. With hundreds of positive reviews, you can trust DataTech to provide the best service.