Terms & Conditions

Customer engages DataTech Laboratories, Inc. (dba DataTech Labs Data Recovery® ) to inspect and identify problems with respect to customer’s digital media; and to remedy or retrieve customer’s information. Customer understands DataTech Laboratories, Inc is a data recovery lab. We do not repair your digital media including phones, we only recover data. Customer will not hold DataTech Laboratories, Inc. liable for any damages whatsoever, including without limitation damages for loss of data contained on the source media as well as any customer provided return media, loss of business profits, business interruption, or other pecuniary loss, or incidental, consequential, or indirect damages arising from this engagement. Customer also acknowledges that estimated charges may not be sufficient to accomplish the engagement; no additional work will be performed without expressed customer authorization. Customer understands that DataTech Laboratories, Inc. will disclose to the appropriate authorities any information or data which is in violation of state or federal child pornography laws/statues as well as any information or data which implies a plan to harm third parties. Furthermore, the customer waives any confidentiality and holds DataTech Laboratories, Inc. harmless for disclosure of said forth information to relevant authorities. Once data is recovered and the customer accepts the return data, the customer is accepting the data as-is and understands that full payment will be made and no refunds will be allowed. Database recoveries might need additional work (at your expense) as databases can become corrupt when media crashes. Furthermore, I understand that material, drives, enclosures, cables, and data abandoned at DataTech Labs in that I have not contacted nor returned contact will be recycled and or properly disposed of after 14 days.

By providing your credit card or banking information, you are authorizing DataTech Labs ® to charge your card or account for the balance listed above. When this invoice has been executed the customer has agreed that they have validated the data and accepts the data “as is” with no refunds and no exceptions. If we have recovered data from a database, the customer is aware that additional work (at the customer’s expense) might need to be done as databases can become corrupt when media crashes. DataTech Labs ® keeps a back-up of the data for 1 week in the event the return media crashes. In this situation, you will need to contact DataTech Labs ® immediately to make arrangements for an additional copy of the recovered data. If contacted after the 1 week period, DataTech Labs ® is not responsible for the data. DataTech Labs ® is not responsible for nor will they warranty return media or for the loss of data contained on any customer provided return media. Parts fees, evaluation fees, expedited/emergency fees are non-refundable.