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DVR and CCTV System Data Recovery

Because the video files for DVR and CCTV systems are not saved on their hard drives in an easily accessible format—often ‘sliced’ into smaller pieces within a confusing file system—our labs use special hardware and reconstruction techniques to recover all types of video data for our clients.

DataTech Labs Data Recovery® specializes in recovering data from all types of media devices including DVR & CCTV systems.

The hard drives that are inside DVR and CCTV equipment can fail in ways that complicate the recovery process.  Even if there is not a drive failure our best advice is to take the DVR or CCTV hard drive (where the video data is stored) out of service as soon as it is known that video file recovery is required as these systems typically are set up to record over older video as the hard drive storage space runs out.   In other words, the critical data you need recovered may be put at risk if the equipment keeps recording new video files.

dvr data recovery
DataTech Labs Data Recovery® is standing by to help rescue your DVR or CCTV data.