RAID 50 Data Recovery Services

DataTech Labs® provides fast, professional RAID 50 data recovery services. Our expert recovery engineers will work around the clock to ensure that your critical data is retrieved as quickly as possible. We understand that each customer’s situation is unique, so we will analyze each hard drive in your RAID 50 array to determine the best recovery method for each of our clients.

RAID 50 Data Recovery Services

A RAID 50, also known as 5+0, requires at least 6 hard disks. This array utilizes mirrored parity by combining the standards from a RAID 5 and a RAID 0. This array provides added security against data loss, however, due to the overhead costs and performance issues, most IT directors chose RAID 6 standards if this type of data protection is required.

What is RAID 50?

Also known as a RAID 5+0, a RAID 50 requires at least 6 hard disk drives. This array uses parity similar to a RAID 5 and mirroring similar to a RAID 0. Although this RAID has a lot of fault protection and fast read and write capabilities, the system can be costly. A RAID 50 array is typically used for performance needed applications and less about storage capabilities.

raid 50 data recovery

Some typical scenarios that cause RAID 50 data loss include:

  • RAID Controller Failure
  • Parity Loss
  • Multiple Hard Drive Failures in Single Set
  • Virus Damage or File Corruption
  • Accidental Deletion, Formatting or Partitioning
  • Failed RAID Rebuild

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What to do when a RAID 50 Fails.

If your RAID 50 shows signs of error, it is very important to act immediately to minimize logical and physical damage. Turn off the RAID and call a data recovery specialist.

Shut down using the power switch instead of the operating system to minimize risk of data loss or damage. Never try to rebuild the RAID 50 or run a Scandisk. Doing so will cause complications in the recovery process and could cause more damage to the drives and make recovery more complicated.

DataTech Labs Experience with RAID 50 (RAID 5+0)

DataTech Labs’ mass storage engineers have extensive experience performing RAID 50 data recovery for several years. Our engineers repeatedly recover where other so called data recovery companies have failed.

  • Our engineers specialize in RAID 50 array data recovery.
  • Our recovery success rate is one of the the highest in the industry.
  • We repeatedly recover what other recovery companies see as unable to retrieve.
  • We offer the most competitive pricing for RAID 50 and servers
  • 24/7 emergency lab hours available