Linux Data Recovery Services

What are Linux Systems?

Linux is an operating system that has software created for anyone to freely use, copy, study or change. It is one of the leading operating systems for large servers and super computers. The Linux systems stores information in what are called inodes. During data loss or operating system malfunctions, inodes can be lost or deleted.

Once inodes are deleted, most of the industry believes there is nothing more that can be done. We have proven, however, through our proprietary methods, that we can resurrect files and folders from deleted inodes.

linux raid data recovery

Our engineers have knowledge in all of the file systems that Linux uses including: Ext2, Ext3, XFS, UFS, ReiserFS, and more down to the inode structures, group descriptors, and super blocks.  We have even performed deep forensics operations and recovered data from the virtually impossible encrypted file system known as StegFS.

If you are receiving error messages from your Linux RAID system, do not try to reconfigure the RAID. Doing so can cause complications during recovery. Physically shut the system down and call DataTech Labs immediately for guidance. We will work with you to help you understand the problem and get your system back up and running.

Data Recovery for Linux Systems is Necessary if You Experience:

  • Lost or corrupted master boot record (MBR)
  • Accidental Deletions
  • Re-installation problems
  • Virus Corruption
  • Formatted and deleted partitions
  • Fire, Flood, & other natural disasters

DataTech Labs® Experience with Data Recovery for Linux Systems

DataTech Labs can recover data from all versions of Linux operating systems. Due to a number of operating system variants, data recovery from Linux systems can be extremely complicated and time-consuming. Our expert engineers have the knowledge and tools to perform data recovery on failed Linux and UNIX systems. With years of data recovery experience, our engineers are capable of data recovery with all operating systems.

At DataTech Labs, our engineers have extensive experience recovering data from Linux RAID systems and arrays. Our engineers have been working with Linux since it was introduced to the market. Our mass storage engineers can work with everything from Linux kernel development, multiple open source projects and proprietary developments.

Working with us, we can promise:

  • DataTech Labs has one of the highest recovery rates in the industry
  • We specialize in data retrieval that has been claimed as “unrecoverable”
  • We offer competitive pricing
  • Emergency 24/7 service is available
  • Our case managers are personalized with every case
  • Our engineers are RAID recovery specialists for all Linux RAID systems

DataTech Labs Can work on the Following Linux Distributions:

  • Debian
  • Linux EXT2
  • ReiserFS
  • Redhat
  • Mandriva
  • Caldera
  • Gentoo
  • Linux EXT3
  • JFS
  • Ubuntu Linux
  • Slackware Linux
  • Kubuntu Linux
  • Knoppix
  • Scientific Linux
  • SUSE
  • Turbo Linux
  • Yellow Dog
  • Custom and Proprietary Compiles
  • Linux Embedded Operating Systems