Fire and Water Damage Data Recovery

iStock_000008410500XSmall1 -A damaged disk that has been burned in a fire and has undergone fire and water damage data recovery.Surprisingly, natural disasters, such as floods and fires, can be the most challenging when it comes to data recovery. When these disasters happen, your hardware could be partially or sometimes totally destroyed. Sometimes it is even worse because your backups could be stored on-site and were also ruined in the disaster. Many businesses have gone bankrupt because of these natural disasters. They lose so much important information and sometimes cannot recover the data. In these scenarios, specialized fire and water damage data recovery services become essential, as recovering data from such severely damaged devices is often a complex and delicate process.

Fire Damage Data Recovery

When it comes to fire damage, data can sometimes be recovered even if the plastic components and drive electronics are melted. If these external components of the drive can be replaced, you will more often than not be able to recover this data. If the drive has had fire damage internally where the platter themselves have melted, there is no chance of recovery.

This type of data loss is unlikely to be recovered on your own. You will have to send drives to a data recovery specialist. This should be done as soon as possible for the best chances. I would advise you to not attempt it yourself because this could cause more damage than necessary. For the best chances, leave it to the professionals. Do not make the recovery harder than it needs to be.

Water Damage Data Recovery

Water damage could be from a flood, but could also be caused by the water necessary to put out a fire. These types of water damage can affect the hard drive in two ways. First, there will most likely be electrical damage, and water may leak through the drive seal if it is submerged for a long time. If this happens, dirt and other contaminants are more likely to get into the drive. It will spread to the platters and place the data at risk. Secondly, if the data is only underwater for a short time, it is very unlikely that water has reached the platters inside the drive. Data has a good chance of being recovered by a specialist.

Like fire damage, data loss due to water damage is better left to the professionals. It is a serious type of damage and you do not want to make it worse. Specialists do this every day and it is better to send it in right away. Make sure that if the drive is wet, you keep it wet because if you dry it out, it could cause contaminants to reach the inside and you could lose all your data. The best thing to do would be to package the drive in a watertight container.

Water and fire damage from natural disasters can be the worst type of fire damage, but if you get it to a specialist right away, there might be hope. If you need a fire or water damage data recovery team, call Datatech Labs at 888-288-DATA today!