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We recover data from all devices

We are the leading SSD, RAID, and hard drive data recovery specialists in Columbus and surrounding areas. We offer our clients highly competitive prices and unmatched success rates. Our data recovery engineers are experts at getting your data from your storage devices when things go wrong.

At DataTech Labs, we understand how precious your data is to you, and we know that faults and accidents can happen at any time. When your hard drive fails, you can trust our Columbus data recovery experts to help you diagnose the problem, find a solution to it, and successfully recover your data.

Looking for a data recovery lab in Columbus? We have a secure drop-off location near you where you can drop your device for our engineers to evaluate.

Hard drive Data Recovery, Columbus

Individuals and businesses in Columbus with failed faulty or damaged devices use our hard drive data recovery services to get their valuable data back. Our specialists can help you recover your data from laptops, desktop PCs, Macs, external hard drives, and more. , we have a 96% success rate from the world’s top manufacturers like Samsung, Toshiba, Seagate, and more.

Trusted RAID Data Recovery Services

We are the only data recovery laboratory in Columbus with proprietary imaging machines and virtual reconstructions methods. Our highly-experienced, skilled, and well-equipped RAID data recovery team specializes in providing recovery solutions to organizations facing problems like RAID config corruption, parity shift, hard drive failure, or natural disasters like floods and fire.

Experts in SSD Data Recovery

Our SSD data recovery services will help you successfully recover your data from all brands and models of solid state drives (SSD), including those from manufacturers like Toshiba, Intel, Seagate, Western Digital, Micron, and more. Using our proprietary technology and advanced class 100 clean room environment, we have helped tens of thousands of businesses and individuals in Columbus to retrieve their data from internal and external SSD, SSHD, HDD, and damaged flash drives.

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