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We recover data from all devices

Welcome to DataTech Labs, San Jose premier data recovery company. We specialize in helping businesses and residents in San Jose recover their data from damaged or failed hard drives, SD cards, SSDs, personal computers, RAIDs, media tapes, and more. We are renowned for our unmatched success rate, quick turnaround, and for offering our clients free device evaluation and no-obligation free data recovery quotes

At DataTech Lab, our goal is to maximize your chances of successfully recovering your data. We pride ourselves as one of the few data recovery laboratories in San Jose with specialized imaging machines and a class 100 cleanroom facility. Additionally, our engineers average over fifteen years of experience recovering data from storage devices. So whatever your data loss situation is, you can trust our data recovery team to reconnect you with your valuable data in no time.

Best hard drive data recovery lab In San Jose

Has your hard drive stopped responding, making it impossible to access your important files? Talk to one of our San Jose hard drive data recovery specialists now! We have the tools, experience, and expertise to help you restore your data. Whether the loss occurred due to power outages, accidental deletion, exposure to water, or inference from a virus, our hard drive data recovery engineers are well placed to help you recover your data in the shortest time possible.

Professional RAID data recovery services

Are you looking for a RAID data recovery specialist to help you retrieve your important data from your broken RAID array? Our team has the technical expertise and tools required to solve the most complex RAID challenges and recover your data. With decades of experience in RAID data recovery and the expertise of our industry-leading engineers, we can confidently say nobody can give you a better chance at recovering your critical data from RAID arrays than us.

SSD data recovery experts

Recovering data from SSDs requires specialist tools and knowledge. Our SSD data recovery engineers understand SSD technology and have seen almost all the common faults, including the most complex SSS data recovery issues. We pride ourselves on offering the most innovative and finest SSD data recovery solutions for businesses and home users. Get in touch with us today! We’ll be happy to help you salvage your important files professionally and quickly.

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Submit your data loss case on our website, send an email to or talk to one of our engineers directly by calling (888) 288-3282. We’ll get back to you on how much it will cost you to get your data back.