How Does Data Recovery Work?

Data Recovery is the process of retrieving data from damaged, failed or corrupted storagedownload media. Data is being retrieved from different storage devices such as hard disk drives, storage tapes, CDs, DVDs, RAID, and many other electronic storage devices. When a hard drive fails and data backups are not available, you usually have a few different options. You can either replace the missing data, or call a data recovery company. Data recovery companies are almost always able to fix the most intense problems and retrieve your data safe and sound. If you have ever wondered how data recovery companies retrieve their data, read on:

There are two different classification of failure in a hard drive. One is physically damaged hard drives, which means that they have failed components, and there are logically damaged hard drives, which means that the data was corrupted or unintentionally deleted. When it comes to logically damaged hard drives, someone who is knowledgeable in computers, can download software and can perform the recovery themselves by following the instructions, but make sure you get the correct software and do your homework, because some software can actually be worse for your computer’s hard drive and you could lose everything forever. This type of software only works with logically damaged hard drives, which means the computer is still working; you just have a deleted or corrupt file or files.

Physical data recovery is a lot more complex in the equipment required department than logical data recovery and requires the consult of a data recovery company. This method requires taking the hard drive and making it work, then copying that data onto a hard drive that works as quick as possible. A clean room is necessary for all recovery work because the parts are incredibly sensitive. Special tools are used to reset and repair certain parts such as the circuit board. Sometimes, the data platters of a hard drive can be read by
placing them in a working hard drive. In order for this to happen, you need special tools that help you place them in the correct spot gently, so you do not lose data. The slightest movement could erase the data forever, so this process is best for the professionals.

Data recovery technicians are always trying to come up with more effective ways to recover data. Sometimes, breaking the hard drives to learn how to recover is necessary. If you have a data recovery issue, call Datatech Labs today at (888) 288-3282. We can help you get your data recovered.