Debunking Data Recovery Myths

A green street sign with the words "True False" and arrows pointing to the left and right stands in front of a clouded sky symbolizing the debunking of data recovery myths.When it comes to data recovery services, there are many tactics that are used that can fool you into choosing a certain company. In the end, it can come back and bite you in the butt. Here, I have listed some of the common data recovery myths that exist when choosing a data recovery specialist.

Myth #1: Judging By Appearances

Some people choose a company based on the fact that they have a professional website, but in reality, you need to dig much deeper than just looking professional. They could be claiming to be amazing, but they could be an awful data recovery company. A company might claim they are amazing, but you must ensure that your provider is experienced in large and small data recovery and that they can recover your data quickly and securely. In order to choose a specialist, you need to research their experience and success with your specific type of product and situation.

All in all, you must verify that a company can:

  • Support your operating system
  • Operate in a class 100 cleanroom
  • Maintain spare parts of your device
  • Maintain information policy

Myth #2: Manufacturer Expertise

Many people work directly with the computer or device manufacturer because they believe they are the experts, but this is not always true. Most of the time, manufacturers are trained to get you up and running as quickly as possible instead of taking the time to actually fix the problem. They will presume that you have a backup of the data. Also, many manufacturers only support the newest version on the device, so you might be out of luck when it comes to the manufacturer. They are also generally not experts when it comes to data loss and recovery. You will need a specialist for this type of work.

Myth #3: Complacency and Overconfidence

Many people, because they have never dealt with data loss believe it will never happen to them so they do not need to be proactive about it, but this is very far from the truth. Data loss can hit you at any moment from a variety of devices no matter who you are or how lucky you believe you are. It is smart to not only back up your data on a separate hard drive, but it is also smart to get insurance on your particular storage device.

Myth #4: False Security in Backups

Once people have backed up their computers and data, they do not worry about data loss because they believe they are all set and will not have to worry about data loss, but this is not always true. Accidental deletion, overwritten data, and re-installment of software are common risks that consumers face when they rely just on their backup. Also, since backup is not automatic, data loss could hit you when you have forgotten to back up your most recent documents. A specialist can be required no matter what situation you are in even if you think you are in the clear.

If you think you can prevent data loss, forget it. Make sure you are always prepared and find a data recovery specialist near you! For guidance and support in navigating these data recovery myths, call Datatech Labs for more information at 888-288-DATA today!