Professional Data Recovery vs Software

Author: Stephen Christopher

One of the most frequent questions we get asked as a professional data recovery company is ‘What is the difference between your services and simple software that I can buy in a store?’ There are many differences in the services that DataTech Labs ® offers compared to software recovery solutions, and I will do my best to explain them briefly and concisely.

Software solutions are very basic and do not have the capability to diagnose what is wrong with a hard drive and determine the best way to recover valuable data based on the physical health of a hard drive. There are hundreds of reasons that can cause a hard drive to fail or not be accessible by a user.

The data recovery business is much like that of a hospital; we have hard drives (patients) and we have recovery engineers (doctors) that have spent years studying the most effective way to retrieve data from each customer‘s unique failure. A failed hard drive is similar to a sick patient. A doctor must first determine what is wrong with a patient before they can choose the best way to treat that individual, the same with hard drives. Over-the-counter software solutions can be equated to a big red pill that a drug manufacturer claims can ‘cure any and all sicknesses.’ There is no diagnosis, the manufacturer simply packs in as many types of medicine into one pill and hopes that one of the medicines will cure the patient with the least likely chance of killing them.

Software solutions will work occasionally just like a big red ‘fix all’ pill, however, there is a great amount of risk involved and you have to ask yourself how important is my data. If someone took a ‘fix all’ pill that contained penicillin and they were highly allergic to it, they would be killed. This is exactly what software utilities can do to your data if they are used without first diagnosing the problem. The software can completely wipe out your data, making it unrecoverable even for our expert engineers.

Software solutions can attempt to recover data if the drive is responsive, however, it cannot diagnose what is wrong with the drive or determine the best way to recover data. It can be equated to standing over a sick, unconscious person, yelling ‘Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay?…’ over and over again with no attempt to diagnose what has happened. The person will never answer and all you have diagnosed is that the person is unresponsive. This is similar to software.

DataTech Labs ® professional data recovery services use hardware tools to evaluate the physical health of a hard drive and its internal components before attempting any type of recovery. Only once our professional data recovery engineers have determined what is wrong with a hard disk, will they attempt to retrieve data. Hard drives are unique, much like patients. Two identical hard drives can have a similar failure (or sickness), however, they must be treated differently depending on individual factors.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to data recovery is that true data recovery professionals have the best chance at retrieving your irreplaceable data through years of practice and study. If you are debating on whether to use software to attempt to recover your lost data or a data recovery professional, feel free to call us for a free consultation, so that we can help ensure the highest chance of recovering your lost data.