Remote Data Recovery Breakthrough

Author: Stephen Christopher

Denver, CO – March 25, 2009 – DataTech Labs ®, a leading provider of data recovery services , publicly announced the release of the Integrated Recovery Environment (IRE) today. The IRE is placed on-site in a business, corporate IT department, or repair shop and allows DataTech Labs ® to process a full evaluation of all physical components of a hard drive as well as process a full recovery in many cases.

“The IRE will revolutionize the way we process data recoveries from failed devices. Some companies offer software and web based products to recover data remotely from drives that are still recognized by a computer, however, these can be invasive and potentially harmful to a customer’s data. The IRE allows us to determine the physical health of a hard drives individual components, and then process a sector-based recovery on-site wherever the unit is located. This method is much more successful and less harmful to a customer’s hard drive” said Mike Sarley, Lab Manager. Sector-based recoveries utilize a ‘light-touch’ approach, which protects customer’s data, as opposed to software-based recoveries which can damage or delete data. “This new technology allows us to process problematic recoveries for businesses, repair companies, and individuals without ever having to send the drive off-site,” added Sarley.

“Data recovery is becoming more difficult as hard drive technology advances, and we are very excited to have DataTech Lab’s Integrated Recovery Environment in our store and access to their Class 100 Cleanroom for full recoveries. It drastically reduces recovery time and puts a real-time virtual data recovery engineer on-site. This allows us to be a full service computer repair company,” said Lissa Haprov, Owner of Techs on Time. Techs on Time is Data Tech Lab’s Authorized Service Center in Phoenix, AZ and was selected as such for their outstanding commitment to customer service and knowledge provided to the area for over 10 years.

The Integrated Recovery Environment can be used anywhere that has a basic internet connection, and is controlled remotely by a DataTech Labs ®’ data recovery engineer. After connecting with the IRE, the recovery engineer can run multiple tests to determine why the drive is not functioning properly. Once the physical health of the hard drive is diagnosed, and only then, can the best data recovery method be determined and processed by the engineer.
“The IRE will allow us to expand into new markets and continue to open Authorized Service Centers that offer local data recovery options to customers in all areas of the country.” stated Stephen Christopher, Director of Sales. “The new technology will also be offered to large companies with on-site IT departments. This will allow for immediate hard drive evaluation and recovery without ever having to send the drive off company property, a huge benefit and time-saver for businesses with critical data failure.” Christopher said.

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DataTech Labs ® provides data recovery services for business, government, education and personal users on all failed media devices. Using advanced tools paired with continual investment in research and development, DataTech Labs ® performs recoveries on the most advanced hard drives, VMFS (virtual machine file system), and solid state media. The specialty RAID data recovery department offers industry best turn times and pricing.