Terms & Conditions

DataTech Labs® takes great pride to insure we do a good job with recovery of failed media. Data from media that has suffered a physical crash or has experienced minor or major corruption might not be recovered. It is important that you examine and validate the results of your data. Please see the terms and conditions listed below.

Data Recovery Fees:

When the invoice has been executed the customer has agreed that they have validated the data and accepts the data “as is” with no refunds and no exceptions. If we have recovered data from a database, customer is aware that additional work (at customer’s expense) might need to be done as databases can become corrupt when media crashes.

Return Media:

DataTech Labs keeps a back-up of the data for 1 week, in the event the return media crashes. In this situation, you will need to contact DataTech Labs immediately to make arrangements for an additional copy of the recovered data. If contacted after the 1 week period, DataTech Labs is not responsible for the data. DataTech Labs is not responsible for nor will they warranty return media. DataTech Labs is not responsible for the loss of data contained on any customer provided return media.

Evaluation and Emergency Fees:

These fees are non-refundable.

Parts Fees:

The parts costs are non-refundable.

Data Recovery Services:

DataTech Labs is a data recovery lab.  We do not fix your digital media, including phones; we only recover your data.