The Dangers of Cheap Data Recovery Company

There are so many recovery data companies, that it can be very hard to choose the best.fixhd Some people choose them based on referrals, general comfort level, or for the cheapest price. People can be taken by the fact that some recovery companies cost $350 or less. Beware of choosing a cheap data recovery company as this may lead to inadequate service and further data loss In the long run, you will probably be spending more money AND losing all of your data.

That being said, that does not mean you should go out and spend your money on the most expensive data recovery company. In most cases, many companies are extremely overpriced. We are talking about companies that charge $350 or less for any type of recovery, even the ones that have completely failed.

Depending on the nature of the data that needs to be recovered, your business could be at stake. So, make sure you choose wisely. Below are a few reasons as to why you should probably avoid cheaper data recovery companies.

Some Use the “Bait & Switch” Tactic

Companies will give you a very low quote in order for you to choose their service. Then, once you have sent them the hard drive, they may contact you and tell you that the charges are going to be much more than what they initially quoted you because they did not realize the damage was as severe.

It’s About Volume

Most of these cheaper companies will take on as many hard drives as they can. On some of them, they are using the simplest software to recover it, and the hard drives are more complicated and require more tools; they are simply saying that they are unrecoverable without trying. So much data has been lost and thrown away because a company told them they would never get it back when really they needed to find a more credible company. In reality, a drive is almost always recoverable unless the platters are ruined or the data is heavily corrupted. You can avoid this problem by paying the correct amount to the correct data recovery company.

Hidden Charges of a Cheap Data Recovery Company

Often, companies will bring you in with a great price, but then not tell you about extra charges such as parts, labor, etc. Make sure you get, in writing, exactly what you will be charged before the drive is sent.

Nearly Impossible to Recover Data for Less Than $350

This statement is extremely true. You may be able to recover simple jobs that require easy-to-use software, but if your hard drive is physically damaged, it can be impossible. The reason for this is because of the time and money it takes to go into this project, but also the parts that are needed to fix a physically damaged hard drive. Specific parts are needed in most cases, but not just a specific part, it could mean looking for a specific part from a specific region with the same manufacturing date, and same firmware version, etc.  These parts can be very hard to find and very expensive due to their complex nature.

When you are looking for a data recovery company, do your homework and remember that cheap does not always mean you are saving money. Be cautious about selecting a cheap data recovery company, as lower costs can sometimes indicate compromised service quality. There are many companies that have great reputations; you just need to be looking for them. A good way to find a great company is to research the company and review it before making a decision.